miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Mangosteen, I love this fruit!

This is one of the sweetest and refreshing fruits I've tried. It's also known as Queen of the fruits. It has lots of nutritional porperties, it's antiinflamatoty, antifatigue, its good for the arthritis and rich in antioxidants, and it belongs to the group of the superfruits. It comes from Asia, and you can easily find it in chinatown in the european cities, like this one from the photos which I bought this morning in chinatown, here in London. I always buy them whenever I see them, because they are not in the shops all year round, so if you ever see them in the shops, don't hesitate, and get some of them, give them a try, you will love them. They have a very hard shell, and segments inside, with a cartilaginous bone. Mangosteen fruit fills your mouth with a lovely and delicious exotic flavour.

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