sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Fried quail egg with sobrasada montadito

I read this recipe somewhere, and since then I have been thinking about the flavours. "Montadito" is spanish for a piece of bread with something yummy on top, we have warm and cold "montaditos", filling and light, fishy, meaty or veggie, you name it. They are part of the "Tapas" culture. One of the main ingredients of this one is "Sobrasada", which is a kind of chorizo pate, but its flavour it's more delicate to the palate. If you live in London you can easily find "sobrasada" at the spanish shop in Borough market. I prefer this "montadito" to be made with "sobrasada" but if you can't find it you can also use a slice of chorizo instead. These "montaditos" are bite size and the flavours explote in your mouth followed by a smile...


First thing is to get the toasts ready. Spread the "sobrasada" quite thinly or put the slice of chorizo on top. Then for frying the eggs, cut open them very carefully with a sharp knife, and fry in olive oil, just for 5 or 6 seconds, dry in kitchen paper for a minute, and then very carefully put on top of the "sobrasada" or chorizo. Add salt and finely chopped parsley.

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